Bullet swage dies are sub-divided into the type -R (for a 7/8-14 thread reloading press with standard RCBS-type button shell holder ram), type -S dies for the Corbin 5/8-24 ram presses such as the S-press and Hydro-Mite, and the type -H dies (for Corbin 1.0-12 thread ram presses such as the Hydro Press and the Mega Mite press). -R type dies.Bullet swaging supply. by straybrit. Link: https://telegra.ph/Download-Page-07-30Archive password: 2022In this video I will show you how to free download and install Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite. Using A Reloading Press In a reloading press, you can use the PRO-1-R PRO-SWAGE DIE Contact of bare hands with the working surface of the roll dies must be avoided to prevent finger print corrosion The swaging tool used in this video is cheap and easily obtained from Amazon or Home Depot 5” –11ga tube, securely locking the bearing into the tube Aarch32 Runtime Download. Bullet Swaging Dies & Equipment | The Shooters Corner. Refund Policy: All items (with the exception of custom changes to firearms) are returnable after a 3 day inspection. The price of the item; less S&H & bank credit card fee; will be refunded for any item that we receive back in "As Shipped Condition". 8 New Jersey Ave. Lake Hopatcong, NJ.

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